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Can I just show up without pre-booking?

We request each visitor to make the online pre-booking so that we can keep you informed of any changes of the tour and arrange tour guides accordingly. It only takes you 3 minutes to do the click, easy, clear, and free!

Will I receive booking confirmation and get guide's contact ?

YES! You will receive a confirmation email immediately after booking. One day before the tour, you will also get another welcome email from your guide with his/her contact number and more tour details. Make sure the email address you left is correct!

Will the tour still go on if it rains/snows?

YES! The tour will generally go on rain or shine, unless the weather is really catastrophic (like Typhoon). You will also receive a confirmation email the day before the tour to inform you of the weather condition if necessary.

If I can’t meet the group on time, can I join you in the middle of the tour?

You will be given detailed instructions in the welcome email. However If you miss the tour by more than half an hour, it may be hard to catch up and you will surely lose some delightful stops. We recommend arriving 10 minutes before the meeting time.

Is 4.5 hours too long for a walking tour? Can I make it?

4.5 hours may go by much quicker than you thought! We design the tour to be very well-paced with many breaks.  Previously, we had visitors aging from 3 months old to 72 years old, everyone made it to the end with ease. So keep calm and enjoy the tour!

Are there snack breaks included in the tour?

YES! We always have 1-2 breaks included in tour for food, drink and toilet! We won’t sit in any restaurant (except for the food tour) but you will surely enjoy the street food adventure along the way:)

How big is the largest group you can accept?

We only take bookings for groups of less than 6 people so as to optimize the experience of everyone who comes. Feel free to contact us to get a private tour arranged if you have a group bigger than 6!

Do you offer tours in other languages besides English?

YES! We can also do private tours in Mandarin and Spanish.


Podemos hacer tours privados en español.

Contact us if you need!

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