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*We will continually update our tour schedule depending on the progress of the situation.

All tours are suspended until May 1st due to the current coronavirus outbreak in China.

If you are interested in taking a private tour with us, feel free to contact us and we will arrange the best experience for you in Shanghai!!

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Meet The Team


Dinna, originally from the hometown of Confucius and the world-renowned Tsingtao beer. As a curious traveler and world explorer, she has visited over 20 countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, Latin America, and Antarctica. She speaks excellent English and Spanish. With a deep love of Shanghai, she looks forward to making all the visitors fall in love with the city as much as she does!


    Sihao, born and raised in the Netherlands but with Chinese roots. Immersed himself 7 years ago in Shanghai and wished to be a true local Shanghainese.  However, he is dedicated to explore more and more about this enormous city that he intensely admires and he always enjoy showing people the greatness of Shanghainese culture, people & food!


      Yuhui, characterized as liberal, dynamic and somewhat proud, carries all traits of a typical Shanghainese. She was born and raised in an ordinary local family. Despite having lived in London for 12 years, she failed to resist the charm of Shanghai and returned home. She is pleased to share the secret anecdotes she discovered since childhood!


      Viola, born and raised in Shanghai, is indeed a creative and passionate character. With fluent English, she loves to share her knowledge and spirit from an authentic perspective as local Shanghainese to the world. Outside of beloved free walking tour, she is also a dancer, actress, and art project producer based in Shanghai. 


      Mary, an enthusiastic food lover, world explorer, and movieholic. Born and raised in Taiwan, she decided to move and work in Shanghai 2 years ago as a dynamic educator. At work, she finds herself fond of sharing, telling stories, and making new friends. And thus, she always feels excited to show whoever comes to Shanghai the beauty and stories that she found here!